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sweet quiz.

username: youraverageadam

why did you pick it?: i actually ran through a bunch of names before i picked this one…i can’t remember all of them, but i remember that i was almost “itsjustadam”

who did you first subscribe to?: on this account, ryry158, but on my first account, charlieissocoollike

who did you most recently subscribe to?: fourguysandmhazz.¬† i’m a sucker for collab channels with people i like

what does your last text message say?: can do ūüôā

do you have any goals?: all of my goals are very silly and childish and unrealistic, but my biggest dream is to become the ceo of disney so i can fix that mess and make walt proud

what was the last thing you bought?: viva pi√Īata: trouble in paradise, which has been surprisingly frustrating so far.¬† four hours of play time and not a single achievement?¬† something’s not right there

describe the person who posted this in one line: forget that whole one line bit.¬† to be honest, i’m not sure how i feel about zach.¬† i mean, the one time i go to his state, he fled the time zone to mine, so…

are you excited about anything?: february 19 and june 27-28

do you have a crush?: oh yes

have you ever been drunk?: i’ve never drank; i’m anti-liquid.¬† i prefer to get my nourishment in a gaseous state

who was the first youtuber you met in real life?: not counting ryry158 and booshoe 37 because they go to the same school as me, cadegoestocollege

who was the last youtuber you met in real life?: everybody at the super surprise freezing northwest youtube gathering

do you prefer day or night?: all youtubers would be nocturnal if allowed to do so

are you a member of any collab channels?: not anymore, thank goodness

do you have a secret account?: several

do you believe in god?: i do

which youtuber do you talk to most?: probably rosy

which youtuber do you think makes the best videos?: i always get excited for baratsandbereta, neilcicierega, and amazingphil

are you in a relationship?: i am not

would you date a smoker?: definitely not

where is your favorite place?: walt disney world, specifically epcot

are you a happy person?: generally

would you kiss the person who posted this?: well, no, but it’d sure cause some utubedrama

what would you take to the desert island?: an oceanliner, fully supplied, fully staffed, fully fueled

do you prefer sun or snow?: snow isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

who did you last speak to on the phone?: my uncle scott

who did you last text?: erin ‚̧

what are you doing tomorrow?: getting an education

what is your favorite flavor of potato chips?: nacho cheese

what size are your feet?: 11

what do you want?: an american eagle gift card and this guitar

what do you need?: the ability to resist junk food

what do you remember?: that i need to make a video really really soon.  i also remember that i lost the game

what do you wish?: if infinite wishes is against the rules, then i wish for the ability to control time

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dungeon adventure.

so in computer network engineering, it turns out everyone really disliked computer network engineering.¬† luckily, our teacher realized this and had us switch over to programming for a while, which everyone liked much better.¬† we learned how to use qbasic, a legacy language from the 80’s-90’s.¬† he asked us to write a text adventure game, and the results are nothing short of magnificent, if i may say so myself.¬† so, if you would like to play my game, dungeon adventure, you must jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops and download a bunch of stuff but it’s just so awesome.

(note: i know nothing about macs, so i’m not quite sure how to get qbasic to run on one.¬† maybe you can do something with that boot camp thing, but seriously, i don’t know.)

  1. check to see if your computer already has qbasic by searching for “qbasic”.¬† if it does, skip way the heck to step 3.
  2. if it doesn’t have qbasic, i would download qb64, a qbasic emulator that runs on 32-bit or 64-bit vista.¬† you can get it here.¬† remember to install it and stuff.
  3. download my sweet game here.
  4. once it’s done downloading, open the game file, which should be called DungeonAdventure.BAS.¬† if it asks you what program you want to use to open the file, choose select program from list, browse, then find either qb64.exe or the qbasic executable (which i do not have, so i’m not so sure about the name).
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!

i’m working on a sequel this weekend.

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the stuff i deal with.

sometimes, it’s hard to understand why people do the things they do.

From: Them_Apples

Sent: Jan. 31, 2009 @ 3:26PM

Subject: I flagged you faggot for kicking me dick


To: Them_Apples

Sent: Jan. 31, 2009 @ 4:30PM

Subject: RE: I flagged you faggot for kicking me dick

now for the record, i wasn’t the one who kicked you, but i’m certainly glad you got kicked. from this message, you seem like a total jerk who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

From: Them_Apples

Sent: Feb. 1, 2009 @ 8:56PM

Subject: RE: RE: I flagged you faggot for kicking me dick

Fuck off you PUTZ, your SHOW SUCKS!!!! How do you like them appples?


From: Them_Apples

Sent: Feb. 1, 2009 @ 8:58PM

Subject: RE: RE: I flagged you faggot for kicking me dick

Hell I had to go to your site to even know who you are, so I did click on your name, I still don’t know who your NOBODY ass is.

Enjoy your screwed up blog tv life, wweirdo

From: Them_Apples

Sent: Feb. 2, 2009 @ 12:55AM

Subject: Your OPS are an extension of YOU!!!!!

What your ops do to the people that come see you is a direct reflection of who you are and the type of people you allow control your destiny.

You are not making good decisions.

Food for Thought.

To: Them_Apples

Sent: Feb. 2, 2009 @ 1:10AM

Subject: RE: Your OPS are an extension of YOU!!!!!


dear sweet jesus, i hope you continue to supply me with frustrated thirteen year old boys such as this one.  they supply an eternal spring of laughter.

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northwest youtube gathering 2009.

everything you need to know

last year, a group of us got together and decided that we were tired of oregon and washington being overlooked as far as youtube goes.¬† we decided to hold the first annual northwest youtube gathering at the bullwinkle family fun center in wilsonville, oregon.¬† despite the event taking place on the single hottest day of the year (101¬įf), it was a tremendous success.¬† people who were perfect strangers at the beginning of the day were exchanging heartwrenching goodbyes when the fun came to a close.

i remember our car ride home was somber at best.  we were tired, dehydrated, and sad that we had to leave all our new friends behind.  a trip to taco bell barely lifted our morale, which meant something was wrong.  it was clear that we would have to see all these people again.  it was clear that we would have to see them in the same group.  it was clear that the next gathering had to be bigger.

looking back, my friends and i agree that our gathering was such a success because we were all in one big group where everybody spoke to everybody, not clustered around the person with the most subscribers.¬† we are definitely looking to keep that intact.¬† this could be a challenge with such a big group, but don’t worry…we’ll include you whether you like it or not.

enough with my sappy advertisement, here are specifics:

we will determine times and such at a later date.

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skype contacts.

  1. i haven’t known you all that long, but i approve of you in every sense of the world.¬† you make me laugh more often than most people.
  2. you, my friend, are awesome.¬† you’re creative and talented and always wanting to try something new.¬† now if we could just get you to stop buying hats…
  3. i only talk to you when i’m having mic trouble.
  4. you’re alright, kid.¬† sometimes you can be a little dramatic, but you’re alright.
  5. you are much more awesome than i originally gave you credit for.
  6. sometimes i get the feeling that you don’t like me much, but i think that’s just how you are.¬† it does not deter me from loving you to pieces.
  7. last year, it was one of my goals to just talk to you.¬† i think you’re hilarious and terribly underappreciated.
  8. good lord you’re annoying.
  9. my first impression of you was that you were a little…out there.¬† now i’ve come to realize that you are a little out there, but that’s quite alright.¬† you’re funny and genuine and nice and an all around great person; can’t wait to see you in june.
  10. i don’t like you very much.¬† your videos are garbage.
  11. i’m not quite sure what to think about you; i guess you could say neutral at best.
  12. you look good naked.  also, your username is theborzoi.
  13. i lurve you.
  14. i’d like you more if you’d get in your effing lake. you’re a good kid.
  15. one of my best friends from youtube.  i admire your ability to turn literally anything into a song.
  16. no, i will not go into victoria’s secret with you, even if i was your honorary best friend for the day.
  17. i still haven’t worked up the nerve to talk to you.
  18. you’re a good friend and i hope to see you soon.
  19. i think people are a bit harsh to you, but you’ve done some things that weren’t the brightest.¬† you’re still on my good side.
  20. goodness, what to say.¬† you’re my unattainable crush that is unattainable because it would be a felony.
  21. my god you’re so cool.¬† i really hope we can work something out so you can stay here this summer.
  22. -glare-
  23. you know what? you’re not bad, not bad at all.¬† you’ll go places, kid.
  24. you live up to your username, and i like that about you.  a new friend, but a good one nonetheless.
  25. you’re ony my contact list because i was in a call with all fiveawesomeguys and i added you and i think you felt obliged to accept because we were in the same call and it would’ve been really awkward otherwise.
  26. i like it when you try to destroy peoples’ sleep patterns.¬† you’re an awesome guy, and i hope june works out.
  27. you haven’t even logged in since november.¬† i used to like you much more than i do now.
  28. oh, how i wish we talked more.¬† i think we’d get along famously.
  29. i love you.  i love you a lot.  i think the past weeks have been a bit rough on you, and i wish i could see you and just give you a big hug.
  30. haven’t talked to you much, but you can destroy me on iminlikewithyou.¬† nothin’ wrong with that.
  31. you are so wonderful.¬† you’re just beautiful and talented and sweet and i cannot throw enough compliments your way.¬† i sincerely hope we meet soon.
  32. seriously.¬† you’re on the first page of the most subscribed list.¬† how on earth have i ever spoken to you?
  33. talking to you is a rare treat these days, but that’s okay.¬† you’re always there for me, and i can’t begin to tell you how much you mean to me.
  34. we met at denny’s.¬† our friendship has been awesome ever since.¬† the only thing i don’t like about you is your propensity to vanish for entire summers at a time.
  35. it’d be much easier to be your husband if we spoke more than once a month ‚̧
  36. gah!¬† i wish we talked more.¬† you’re fantastic and your videos are among my favorites.
  37. i think we talked once.
  38. you know what they say…no, wait, that’s not even my inside joke.¬† you’re great.¬† just great.
  39. you’re a new friend, but your personality and sense of humor cracks me up.¬† i can tell that we’ll be speaking for a very long time.
  40. meh.¬† you’re alright.
  41. i admire you for your unwavering faith, ability to make people laugh, and the fact that you are the only human being on the face of the earth that can make an entertaining lip sync video.
  42. if i’m feeling down, i talk to you.¬† you are just such a sweetheart; you’re always ready to listen and be there for me and i can’t thank you enough for that.¬† i love you i love you i love you and i hope we can get together soon.
  43. it’s very important for you to remember that i’m only comfortable being a jerk to you because we’re such good friends.¬† never ever forget that i love you and i always will.¬† you can put this in the file if you like.
  44. wait a second, you’re my friend’s mom.¬† why on earth are you on my list…? O_o
  45. you’ve changed the way i think and i thank you for that.
  46. you are the definition of quick-witted.¬† you’re a hardworking alpha male jackhammer and i can’t wait to meet you.
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sounds like an indian tribe, doesn’t it…?¬† but no, wasquama is simply the way that the cool kids abbreviate washington square mall (this is a blatant lie: cool kids tend to avoid such shortenings).¬† yesterday was the day of the super surprise freezing northwest youtube gathering, and it was aptly named:

  1. it was, in fact, super
  2. i was surprised at how many people showed up
  3. when we walked in from the parking structure i was still shivering all the way through nordstrom
  4. it was in the northwest
  5. we went on youtube in the apple store
  6. there was much gathering

the day started out with everyone squeezing into the apple store to the point that the staff probably wanted us to leave, so we did.¬† our next stop was the disney store, where erin and i were flabbergasted at the sheer volume of wall-e merchandise available for purchase.¬† their apparel was lacking; not a single men’s medium in the whole store, but i was able to recoup that loss at american eagle, which i will detail later.¬† after browsing through the racks and racks of disneyana, i decided that the jonas brothers and miley cyrus must leave disney immediately.¬† instead of classic disney characters like mickey and the gang taking center stage at the store, the main focus seemed to be on hannah montana and camp rock.¬† i was disappointed at best, disgusted at worst.¬† i have a sinking feeling that walt would not approve of anything that is going on at his company these days.¬† i did, however, find a steamboat willie plush, which i think is the best thing ever.¬† it’s all in monochrome, and it definitely looks like classic mickey.¬† i was terribly close to bringing it home, but i didn’t want my father to have the burden of a teenage son who still buys stuffed animals.

we split up a bit after that, and i honestly can’t remember things in chronological order anymore, so you’ll have to bear with me as i throw events at you however they come to mind.¬† i remember matt and i going into journeys to buy his first ever pair of chuck taylor all stars (he decided on these), and at some point we went into the vans store and decided we are not the biggest fans of vans (rhyme).¬† we browsed the lego store and tried to figure out who spends $400 on plastic bricks, and i tried to go into gamestop but turned back because it smelled like cigarettes.¬† when it came time for lunch, matthew and i decided on sarku japanese, which is definitely not the best chicken teriyaki i have ever had, but it was at least passable.

after spending all day tiptoeing around it, i finally quenched my burning desire to go to american eagle.¬† i’m at least 60% sure i drove everyone nuts by how much time i spent debating over which hoodie to buy, but darnit, when clearance is buy one get one 50% off, you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.¬† after probably a half-hour to forty-five minutes, i emerged with this and this and this and i was very pleased.¬† i think my love for american eagle stems from the fact that they are the only store i have found that carries my size in jeans.¬† if they weren’t around, i would be wearing shorts a lot, and i do not like shorts.¬† being tall and scrawny, shorts made for people of my waist size usually hit about two inches above the knee…it’s kind of a bummer.

wasquama has lots of leather couches and armchairs scattered about in an inviting fashion, and they’re very nice to take a rest in.¬† so much, in fact, that one unlucky gentlemen fell asleep in one and was happened upon by a group of teenagers armed with cameras.¬† our first instinct was to go behind him, one by one, and get a picture with him, and as soon as i find some non-blurry pictures, i’ll be sure to post them.

we had dinner at the cheesecake factory.¬† i ordered a double barbeque bacon cheeseburger.¬† they did not tell me that it was literally six inches tall.¬† somehow i managed to devour the whole thing and didn’t even feel bloated, though i’m sure i consumed over a thousand calories from that monstrosity.

overall, it was a wonderful day.¬† i miss everybody already, and i can’t wait for june, which i have a feeling is going to be more incredible than anybody could even imagine.

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forget numbering.

you know, somewhere around post twelve or so, i figured out i really didn’t like this whole idea of titling by numbers, but i figured if i just stopped, i would look like a quitter.¬† i do not want to look like a quitter.¬† so now, in lieu of quitting outright, i will simply make it a new year’s resolution, therefore making me an active pursuer of goals, not a quitter.

  1. stop titling blog posts by number
  2. change theme of blog
  3. think of more resolutions

i guess i can already check item number two off of my list.  the theme i had previously was too busy for my liking.  this theme has a picture of the ocean at the top, which i imagine to be, by definition, relaxed.  of course, my blog has nothing to do with the ocean, but i do like the look of it, so it shall stay, if only for a while.

sometimes i get intimidated when i look at other blogs.¬† you know, the blogs that have small print, yet manage to fill up a sizable area.¬† the authors are able to fill up entire paragraphs, as opposed to typing a sentence and skipping a line.¬† there’s just so much content there i sometimes feel like i’m shortchanging people.

alright, here’s something that drives me nuts: when i show somebody a website, they use it, and then they insist that it “gave them viruses” or “broke their computer” and expect me to fix it.¬† i use mcafee site advisor.¬† i usually have a pretty good idea about what i’m getting into on the internet.¬† the viruses aren’t from the link i gave you.¬† it’s probably from one of the many…erm…”gentlemen’s interest” sites you frequent.

anyway.¬† i’m in a good mood overall because:

  1. we’re hooking the antichrist back up to the internet, which means blogtv sessions galore
  2. matthew is spending the night
  3. tomorrow is the super surprise freezing northwest youtube gathering, so i get to go to american eagle and the disney store

that was my second list this post.  no more, i promise.  i am able to make such a promise because i have run out of items of interest to discuss, and will therefore leave you now.

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today, i felt deep.

in that state of mind, i decided to think of all the things that have happened in the year 2008.

i visited disney world, which had been a dream of mine for a long time.  i found a hobby that i really enjoy, and it makes me glad that there are other people who enjoy it too.  i wormed my way into countless inside jokes, one of which spawned a tshirt that is way too small for me.

but all that really pales in comparison to the people.

the people i’ve met in 2008 mean so much to me; more than i ever thought possible for only knowing someone through the internet.  i’m bound to miss some names here, but whitney, vivien, rosy, leah, cade, bridget, chago, chris, quentein, zach, todd, garnet, mhazz, mallory, kimmi, justin, jeremy, daniel, cara, gina, adam, michelle, doug, shawn, jeff, and probably more have been the greatest this year.  starting around the time my mom died, i’ve been struggling with a lot of stress and thoughts of suicide.  i’m completely honest when i say you all have kept me alive.

so happy new year; here’s hoping 2009 doesn’t suck.

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when i stop using punctuation, know that something is deeply wrong.

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attention: i love whitney.

Whitney says:
i dont want it to take two days to process
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Whitney says:
Whitney says:
its 4:16
Whitney says:
Adam  says:
Whitney says:
Whitney says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Whitney says:
Whitney says:
i have to clena my room
Whitney says:
then go to the movies
Whitney says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Whitney says:
Whitney says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Whitney says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
there is only one way to settle this.
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Adam  says:
Whitney says:

Whitney says:
Whitney says:

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